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I found this site through a search engine, what is Montclair Mews Apartments?

Montclair Mews Apartments is a rental apartment complex. It is located at 77 Grove St, Montclair, NJ . It is an Affiliated Management managed property.

Montclair Mews has 2 buildings with a total of 20 apartments.

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Yes. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that goes directly to this property. The fee covers the cost of the credit check.

The fee is required for each person that would be living in the apartment, including children that are 18 or older.

The application must be filled out in-person, at an appointment scheduled in advance, with one or both Resident Managers. Every applicant must be there in-person. If there are two applicants that can not come at the same time, two appointments is OK, but the application is not complete, and will not be submitted, until both applicants have completed the application paperwork in full.

We can not provide an application for you to fill out off-site.

You can come with a family member, friend, or a realtor helping you look at apartments, but everything must be done with you directly.

If applying, bring with you:

  • Your own contact info
  • Info about all provable income, paystubs if necessary
  • Employer contact info
  • Vehicle info - if it would be parked here

1 and ½ month's rent. You pay this when you sign the lease.

Heat & hot water are included.

All apartments have radiators. Each building has it's own boiler room. "A" building radiators are steam and "B" building radiators are hot water.

"A" building ranges are electric. "B" building ranges are gas.

You would need to pay a PSE&G electric/gas bill and whatever telephone, TV, and Internet access services you get.

The rent for each specific apartment is different depending on whether or not it was renovated and other factors. If there are any openings (see the Openings page), you'll find information specific to each available apartment there.

When you move in to an apartment, the first month's rent is the pro-rated amount for the part of that month that you'd be living there. If you move in on the 15th, you pay for that day and the rest of that month. You pay this when you get the keys.

If you're driving, route 23, 280, 3, and 46 are nearby, and the Garden State Parkway crosses through Bloomfield.

NJ Transit and DeCamp bus lines go through Montclair. NJ Transit #29 goes down Bloomfield Ave (1 block south, 1 block east) and #11 stops at Watchung Ave Station. DeCamp #33 goes to PABT or Wall Street in Manhattan.

The Montclair-Boonton train line goes through Montclair.
NJ Transit: Montclair-Boonton Line, We're not too far from NJ Transit train stations in the area: 1 mile to Walnut Street Station, 1.4-1.7 miles to Watchung Street Station

You could also walk 4 blocks east to Park St, then 1 block north to Walnut St and catch the NJ Transit #28 bus to the Watchung Ave Station.

You can catch an express bus to PABT in NYC from The Willowbrook Mall, which is 4 or 5 miles from here.

If you take 280 East to Newark Penn Station, you can take several NJ Transit trains & busses, the PATH train, and Amtrak trains.

If you take 280 East to the Harrison PATH station, which is close to Newark Penn Station, but less crowded and has large parking lots around it, you can take the the PATH train from there.

If you take 280 East to NJ Turnpike north to exit 15X (one exit away), which is approximately 20 miles from here, you can take many different NJ Transit train lines and busses:
Secaucus Junction (Frank R Lautenberg Rail Station)

If you take 280 east to the Garden State Parkway south to to the Metropark Station, which is approximately 30 miles from here, you can take Amtrak and NJ Transit trains.

Of course there's always a taxi, Lyft, Uber, etc. also...

You are allowed to have one or two 100% indoors-only cats, but you fill out some paperwork to be authorized to have a specific cat, pay a one-time fee for that cat, and register your cat with Montclair Township.

If you are interested in living at Montclair Mews Apartments with a dog, ask the Resident Managers for the current management company policy well before you get one. You would require in-advance written permission from the management company before a dog could even visit you.

Due to the risk of one leaking, fish tanks are not allowed. A fish bowl would be fine.

A turtle in a tank would be fine, but let the Resident Managers know that you have one.

For any other pets, contact the management company to check. Even if you would assume it is OK. Don't assume, ask.

Anyone authorized to have a pet must remove all traces of it at move-out time. You would be responsible for repairs due to damage caused by the pet, and all fur and dander must be removed to avoid allergy effects for future tenants.

If the apartment is on the bottom floor, you would not need to get rugs or carpeting.

If it is on the 2nd floor and is not already carpeted (some are), you would need to get area rugs or carpeting to cover at least 80% of the floor.

Resident Manager Ann is Ann. No e.

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